Friday, February 3, 2012

Hong Kong Day 2: The Apple Store

Apple Store (1)
On our second day in Hong Kong, we had the chance to visit the Apple Store  (which at the time was still fairly new) in the International Finance Centre (IFC) Mall.  IFC is also one of Hong Kong's newest and swankiest mall/office building complexes so it was not surprising Apple opened its flagship store there. The store is the first and only Apple Store in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.  This wouldn't really be such a big deal for us, were it not for the fact that there's no such thing as an Apple Store here in Manila (all of the Philippine stores are just authorized dealers). 

With 15,000 square feet of space covering two levels of IFC Mall, it's no wonder that the Apple Store Hong Kong is the most expensive Apple Store in the world, with the company spending about US$20 million for its construction and development.  So we just had to see it for ourselves. 
Hong Kong Day 2 (12)
Instantly, the store impressed me. Think of the aesthetic of Apple products, translate it to a store space, and what you get is the Apple Store in Hong Kong.
Everything was light and bright, with glass and chrome interiors, and with light wood finishes for tables and counter tops to ground the modernist look.  The centerpiece of the store is the iconic glass staircase, which gives stunning views of Victoria Harbour and Central.
Hong Kong Day 2 (13)
Apple Store (3)
The Apple Store boasts of a one-to-one interaction with customers.  On the second floor, a  Genius Bar is set up in the middle where technicians readily assist customers with their queries and product set-ups.
Apple Store (2)
As expected, the Apple Store has stations where customers can get interactive with all the  products.  This is the really perfect place in Hong Kong to check out the latest Apple gadgets, whether your intention is to buy or to just look around. My travel companion purchased a replacement battery for a MacBook, which was cheaper there than in Manila dealers.
Hong Kong Day 2 (15)
I also appreciated the fact that pictures were allowed to be taken inside the Apple Store, unlike other stores I've encountered in Hong Kong which had strict policies about cameras and taking pictures of merchandise.  

Apple Store (5)
When we were there, the store didn't have too many people. But then again, it was still early on a Sunday morning.  The Apple Store HK is said to expect 40,000 visitors every day, which is four times the average number in US stores.  
Apple Store Hong Kong crowd
The huge crowds in the Apple Store Hong Kong {via}
When we saw the Apple Store from the outside on our way to Central from the Star Ferry pier, we  were even more impressed, as the whole store was actually suspended between the two towers of IFC, right over a major highway.
The Apple Store in IFC Mall, Central, Hong Kong
I think the opening of the Apple Store in Hong Kong further emphasized the spotlight on the increasing place of Hong Kong (and China of course) in the global marketplace ---and with that, hopefully, this will open up  the rest of Asia as a dominant consumer region (which can mean, an Apple Store in the Philippines soon?).
With almost everyone these days owning at least one Apple gadget and Steve Jobs' impressive stature almost uncontested, this invariably make each and every Apple product owner a fan.  So, a visit to the Apple Store when in Hong Kong is surely a must. Cheers!

The Apple Store Hong Kong is located on the 2nd level of IFC Mall
1 Harbour View Street, Central, Hong Kong


  1. Wow! Very impressive. I thought the Apple stores here were directly from the US operations since they look almost the same as the ones abroad. =)

  2. I am not really a gadget kind of girl... I just get hand me down phones from the hubby most of the time. So when I read your post I had to call the hubby to show him this huge store. He is impressed and can't wait to see it for himself!

  3. I guess they impose a certain look to the stores of their authorized dealers. :)

  4. Wow! This looks great! I am so impressed!


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